The work with senior leaders and organizations is held in the highest level of confidence. The following endorsements are from professionals that I have worked with individually at different stages of their careers. They have been kind enough to offer support of my work and this practice.

I am very grateful to each one and for the work we did together.

– John

Erin Barfels
Chief Human Resource Officer
ARAG – A Global Provider of Legal Solutions

“John is a professional with an extremely broad skill set that provides him with not only unique perspectives but unparalleled gifts, talents, and expertise that truly make the difference in the work you do together. His compassion and sincerity create an exceptionally high level of trust to allow the greatest work to be done. His work is truly transformational.”

Janet Benzing
Executive Director of Ancillary Services
Delta Regional Medical Center

“John facilitates a level of introspection and insight that is uncommon in the corporate setting. His clarity at identifying key issues and uncovering clear strategic solutions can only come from someone with his unique perspective and extensive experience.”

Cindy Ebert
Senior Vice President
Home Federal Saving Bank

“John is an amazing, intuitive talent at implementing change. Plain and simple—awe-inspiring.”

Adrian Gasparian
Fortune 30 Executive

“John is the most intuitive person I know.”

Danielle Wilberg
Founder & CEO M&R Agency

“John not only gave me the tools to find success, he cleared the path. Using insightful and introspective techniques; John assisted me in reaching my goals and prepared me for the hurdles along the way.”

Sallie Greenberg
Associate Director
Advanced Energy Technology Initiative at Illinois State Geological Survey

“Working with John Schulenburg has opened my eyes to creating and implementing my career advancement vision. We work together to create actionable progress while building confidence, power, and influence based on my existing career. Since starting my work with John, I have achieved considerable forward movement, clarity, and purpose. This work is changing my life from the inside out!”

Ken Blickenstaff
Bond Trader

“I see myself and others constantly stumbling on the day-to-day trials without learning from the lessons that these obstacles can provide. John has been the catalyst that sheds light on these trials and has allowed me to understand the deeper meaning from these experiences. Learning from these lessons has allowed me to reach new triumphs in my life.”

Dan Socha
Peace Corps

“John presented me with challenging questions and worked patiently with me as I came to understand the answers. By using a variety of techniques, along with his pleasant personality, John helped me realize how to approach the next step for my career within the field of international NGO management. John is an honest and decent consultant and I give my full endorsement of him.”

Rebecca Motley
Chief Operating Officer
Center for Community Adaptation, LLC

“John is the consummate professional. His strategic understanding of organizational dynamics and his ability to develop professionals provided the impetus to move me from ‘stuck’ to ‘forward’ in my career and personal life.”

John Doherty
Futures Trader

“John has been a trusted adviser for many years. He has worked with me to maximize my performance in a very highly competitive and intense industry. Working with him has allowed me to clearly understand myself and what I want in my career and life.”

Don Elmore

“John’s particular combination of skills and experiences gives him invaluable perspective, particularly in the areas of personal and professional enrichment and interpersonal dynamics. He has helped me to focus on the specific areas where development has yielded the greatest benefits.”

Bahaa Abusalim
Commodity Trader

“Through his deep awareness and unique perspective, John has helped me remain calm and confident during turbulent times and achieve success. His awareness and perspective come from life experiences that transcend far beyond what most people ever come close to experiencing. John’s consistent mentorship and guidance have undoubtedly provided the foundation for my ambitions and personal and professional growth.”

Johann Rischau
Anna Gutsch
NORDEN – German Design Studio

“John helped us to reflect on our professional goals and assisted us to develop our future vision. Meeting regularly with him allowed us to define leadership for us and our business. If you are working as an individual with far-reaching responsibilities, we can definitely recommend you to engage with John. If fact, we believe that not engaging with him is a missed opportunity.”