Telos (tel’-os) comes from Greek philosophy. It speaks to the inner purpose and the objective that drives us forward. Telos defines our intention.

The core intention of this practice is to protect the fiduciary promise. The fiduciary promise is the deep commitment that defines key relationships in the corporate landscape. Through this promise, these relationships are bound together by trust and loyalty.

The integrity of this fiduciary promise is directly related to the resolve and grit of each leader; and their ability to maintain decision fidelity and performance acuity across a broad range of conditions and circumstances.

This practice recognizes that as fiduciary leaders rise to higher levels of complexity in the business landscape, new challenges push them to evolve to more complex ways of knowing and performing. Schulenburg Consulting provides the crucible and the catalyst that allows each leader to respond to these challenges, and move to a higher level of performance while protecting the integrity of the fiduciary promise.